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Website DIY Maintenance

Being able to edit and maintain your own website is of major importance for many website owners. Our research shows that many users are dissatisfied with the content management systems (CMS) offered by our competitors. Major gripes are that is not intuitive, relies on editing text boxes and the full page is not displayed when working on it.

We use and recommend Adobe Contribute® CS3. Advantages include:

  • No need to learn html
  • True WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) authoring
  • Update your website while maintaining the original design, look and feel
  • Enables you to edit text and pictures, including adding your own
  • Create new pages using templates designed by us to match your design
  • Works in Windows and Mac OS

If you would like us to implement Contribute® CS3 into your website design, or to have it added to an existing website, please contact us to discuss further.

Website design by Alumor Design - website maintenance by you

Using Contribute® to maintain and edit your website enables you to easily update your site while maintaining the original look and design.

Contribute special offerFor a limited period we are offering a free copy of Adobe Contribute® CS3 with our "Pro website design and DIY maintenance" package.