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Carbon Neutral Hosting

In order to minimize the impact on the environment, Alumor Design operate with Rackspace and the International Tree Foundation, (Britain's longest standing tree planting charity) to offset the carbon emissions produced by each customer's hosting solution.

Whilst opting for on-line solutions can reduce the need for printing and paper, web hosting inevitably consumes electricity. In order to compensate for this, the quantity of carbon emitted is calculated and then trees are planted to offset this amount.

Alumor Design makes it easy for its customers to opt for carbon neutral hosting by including appropriate tree planting within the Intelligent Web Solutions we offer. For online solutions hosted by Alumor Design in conjunction with Rackspace, the appropriate number of trees are planted to help neutralise the carbon emissions created by the servers.

Certificate confirming that trees have been planted to help neutralise the carbon emissions by Alumor Design hosting servers

We would like to confirm that following your hosting contract with Rackspace, trees have been planted in the East Williamston Community Woodland, Pembrokeshire.