Special Offers

Offer 1: Professional Website Design and DIY Maintenance

A professionally designed website by us so it stands out from the crowd

  • DIY maintenance by you so you can up-date it when you want, saving you money

The “build your own website” most of the larger hosting providers offer are excellent value for money, BUT they are uninspired, can be spotted a mile away and are not flexible. More often than not, they look amateurish and will not portray your business in a professional light.

Our solution gives you a custom designed site to your requirements, and to enable you to maintain and edit your website, we are offering FREE installation of the popular WordPress content management system (only with “Pro website design and DIY maintenance” package).

  • No need to learn html
  • WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) authoring
  • Update your website while maintaining the original design, look and feel
  • Enables you to edit text and pictures, including adding your own
  • Create new pages using templates designed by us to match your design
  • Works in Windows and Mac OS

The “Professional Website Design and DIY Maintenance” is a very cost effective option, with prices for a 4 page website starting from £329; a 6 page website from £399. Prices subject to VAT. The prices quoted are examples. The package will be tailored to your website requirements and priced accordingly. Inclusive of 1 year free business hosting.

For more information please contact us.

Offer 2: Transfer Existing Site to Alumor Design

Already have a website but experiencing problems such as poor website reliability/up-time, poor support or email problems?

We can help. Most of our work is based on recommendation so we must be doing something right!

Transfer to us for only £80+VAT. Includes one year business hosting, email and support. We will assist in every way possible to ensure a smooth and trouble free transfer.

For more information please contact us.